Successful Flight Test of ALCM Ra'ad

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Salman Haider
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Successful Flight Test of ALCM Ra'ad

Post by Salman Haider » Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:00 pm

Pakistan conducted a successful Flight Test of the indigenously developed Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) "Ra'ad". (ISPR Photo - February 2, 2015)


Golden Eagle
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Re: Successful Flight Test of ALCM Ra'ad

Post by Golden Eagle » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:05 am

Pakistan AF and armed forces ought not to advertise development of weapons . Develop them but induct them into the arsenal without a press release or fanfare (let the spy agencies of concerned entities try do some work too; ideally even they ought not to know ...).

Press releases ought to be entirely focused on peaceful product development and economic development (commercial applications of military tech) catalyzed and inspired by the armed forces (behind the scenes).

Weapons development and armament development ought not to make it into the news. Does anyone remember the first time the US launched its first cruise missile ? No, people didn't hear about it until it was being used in the theater of war during desert storm.

What makes the news ? the Apple iMac and IBM machines .

For example, the armed forces (a certain branch) recently tried laptop development. Right? Make sure that laptop development takes off in Pakistan even if you have to try economic measures (sanctions, tariffs , outright ban). The first recorded history of economic sanctions were used by the Muslims by Prophet Muhammad SAW (who was himself a trader/merchant among many other things). Sanctions can be lifted in critical areas but the rest of the country ought to demand and the corporations ought to be competitive enough in our lands to listen to the demands of the public.

Ind--ns for example protect their local industry - even seemingly trivial and ridiculous industries like soda manufacturing. They protect their Tata industries (even though it is run by the Parsis etc.) The Chinese protect their own car manufacturing from even recent entrants like Tesla. The US is still talking about economic hurdles to entry in those two countries . Even the US does that. Even countries which gave birth to Adam Smith (the UK) uses unusual non-laissez faire methods (forever) .

The US for example removes sanctions and makes areas competitive only in cases where it wants to shift attention away from manufacturing in a certain area. A time will come when Pakistan will want to shift attention away from manufacturing and outsource manufacturing but this is not the time. Now is the time to move away from agrarian (cotton) farming (stop being a farmland for the world in a land where the Indus river is not reaching the Arabian sea, the Ravi is not exactly pristine and we have water shortages and deserts! to then become a cotton exporter is an affront to the country and unkindness to the land ... ).

If the military is going to run the country they ought to train our soldiers in economics (it does not take much, just a few easy to read fundamental books to get started, the rest is all extension of basic ideas).

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