AirBlue is acquiring surrendered routes of PIA

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AirBlue is acquiring surrendered routes of PIA

Post by Salman Haider » Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:03 pm

AirBlue is acquiring surrendered routes of PIA
October 25, 2017

By Yasir Zeb


AirBlue is acquiring routes one by one which is left by PIA, this is why PIA has been demeaned over the past few years.

Pakistan International Airlines once was classed as the world’s top airline which trained staff of Emirates and Etihad Airlines in the past. Now, what is changed? Why has PIA been considered a below standard airline now? PIA is considered an Airline on the verge of crisis.

We will dig out to get the cat out of the bag,

Let’s start with the recent developments; PIA has just announced a few days ago, that the company is giving up its New York operations by December. PIA incurred 47.03 billion in loss reported back in August.

And then during Hajj season, Airblue gets double hajj quota than the national flag airline, and before that, there were a number of incidents reported which played a significant role in jeopardizing the credibility of PIA.

But the question here is; who will be benefitted the most from the problems in PIA? The answer is Airblue.

Recently, in an interview on a TV channel, president of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Rana Azeem claimed that Airblue is acquiring the routes from PIA which the national airline has chosen to give up. He also claims that Airblue belongs to the current prime minister of Pakistan and the government is playing a critical role in making the national airline crippled.

“During the hajj season, most governmental travelers traveled on Airblue rather than traveling on PIA, it was already planned by the government”, said Rana Azeem.

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