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News and Articles 2009

  • F-16 Still Competitive in Fighter Market (Feb 1)
  • Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood inaugurates Shaheen complex (Feb 9)
  • PAF’s capabilities to be enhanced, says Gilani (Feb 12)
  • PAF a highly professional Force: Air Chief (Feb 14)
  • President Zardari to finalize the purchase FC-20 for PAF (Feb 20)
  • Air Chief starts farewell visits to PAF Bases (Feb 18)
  • Air Commodore Raees Rafi laid to rest (Mar 3)
  • Air Chief Marshal pays farewell visit to PAF Base Peshawar (Mar 4)
  • PAF Mushshak plane crashed in Tala Gang (Mar 5)
  • PAF chief pays farewell visit to Chaklala Base (Mar 5)
  • Air chief visits PAF Mianwali Base (Mar 6)
  • Full steam ahead for China's engine designs (Mar 6)
  • Air Chief pays farewell visit to PAF Base Rafiqui (Mar 6)
  • PAF to start serial production of JF-17 fighter aircraft soon (Mar 7)
  • Air Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman appointed new Air Chief (Mar 8)
  • UAV of PAF crashes near Kohat (Mar 9)
  • Air Chief pays farewell visit to Mushaf Air Base (Mar 9)
  • Air Marshal calls on Defence Minister (Mar 14)
  • Air Chief pays farewell call on Prime Minister (Mar 14)
  • PAF chief pays farewell visit to Kohat Base (Mar 15)
  • Whole of PAF made nuclear - Air Chief (Mar 17)
  • Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman assumes charge (Mar 18)
  • Air Chief Marshal Rao is an accomplished fighter pilot (Mar 18)
  • Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman takes over as PAF’s new chief (Mar 18)
  • China to send large trade delegation for Expo Pakistan-2009 (Mar 18)
  • PAF capable of ensuring country’s strong defence - Prime Minister (Mar 19)
  • Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman called on Prime Minister and President (Mar 19)
  • PAF personnel awarded on Pakistan Day (Mar 22)
  • Nation to celebrate Pakistan Day in befitting manner (Mar 22)
  • Change of Guard Ceremony held on Mazar-e-Iqbal (Mar 23)
  • President confers civil, Military awards on 103 outstanding individuals (Mar 23)
  • Pakistan Air Force receives first Phenom 100 (Mar 25)
  • Pakistan marketing its new JF-17 fighter jet, developed with China (Mar 25)
  • PAF’s effective strategy by PAF averted imminent war in aftermath of 26/11 (Mar 28)
  • PAF was on Red Alert to Counter Any IAF Strikes (Mar 29)
  • India-Pak war after 26/11 seemed close - PAF Chief (Mar 29)
  • Four Air Commodores of PAF promoted as Air Vice Marshal (Mar 29)
  • Airpower plays a major role in national power - Air Marshal Hifazat (May 6)
  • Zardari urges US to provide Pakistan drones technology (May 6)
  • PAF’s UAV crash lands at Mushaf Air Base (May 7)
  • Government to ensure provision of latest equipment to PAF (May 7)
  • Air Chief Qamar Suleman confers Non-operational Military awards (May 7)
  • Graduation ceremony of 11th Basic Airborne Course held (May 9)
  • PAF offers to Airlift goods for IDPs (May 15)
  • A Fighter Pilot's Tale (May 16)
  • PAF fighter aircraft destroy militants tunnel structure in Swat (May 21)
  • PAF hands over relief goods to NWFP government for IDPS (May 23)
  • Two AVM’s of PAF promoted as Air Marshal (May 28)
  • Graduation Ceremony held at PAF Academy Risalpur (May 28)
  • Pakistan says Indian AWACS would trigger arms race (May 28)
  • Pakistan to get Air Warning system by October this year - PAF Chief (May 28)
  • PAF FT-7 aircraft crashes near Mianwali (May 29)
  • PAF being made Air Force of 21st Century - PAF Chief (May 30)
  • PAF to safeguard Pakistan from External, Internal dangers (May 30)
  • PAF facilitate relief efforts for IDPs (Jun 6)
  • Cheapest Air Kill (Jun 9)
  • PAF defends charges but a probe is needed (Jun 11)
  • RAF gives training tips to the Pakistan Air Force (Jun 11)
  • US delivers four MI-17 cargo helicopters to Pakistan (Jun 11)
  • Ex-Pakistani officer lays it bare on Army's Kargil betrayal (Jun 12)
  • PAF Jets pound Baitullah’s stronghold (Jun 14)
  • Pakistani General flies back seat in a F-16 (Jun 15)
  • COAS takes aerial view of Operation area on-board F-16 (Jun 15)
  • PAF-Army express solidarity to face challenges confronting nation (Jun 15)
  • PAF-Army at one against militancy (Jun 16)
  • Ex-Air Chief asked to appear as witness (Jun 20)
  • General Majid lauds PAF role in Operation (Jun 20)
  • Graduation Ceremony at PAF Air War College (Jun 21)
  • PAF Air-lifts relief goods for IDPs (Jun 22)
  • PAF-Army undertakes Joint Field Firing Exercise at Tilla Ranges (Jun 22)
  • PAF swings into action to avenge Naeemi’s murder (Jun 23)
  • 1965 war veteran Squadron Leader Arshad Sami passes away (Jun 25)
  • Chinese Defence Minister meets Pakistan Air Force Chief of Air Staff (Jun 26)
  • First Pakistan made JF-17 to fly by end of this year - Air Chief (Jun 27)
  • Pakistan to start production of JF-17 Thunder by month-end (Jun 28)
  • First Pakistani-Built JF-17 To Fly by Years end (Jun 29)
  • Tusas sign contract to modernise Pakistani F-16s (Jun 29)
  • Turkey's Tusas says to modernise Pakistan's F-16s (Jun 29)
  • Turkish Aerospace Industries will upgrade Pakistani F-16s (Jun 29)
  • Pakistan starts production of fighter aircraft (Jun 30)
  • Pakistan starts assembling Pakistani-built combat aircraft (Jun 30)
  • Don’t fool people by claiming “premature”success in Swat - AM (Retd) Masood (Jul 1)
  • Pakistan is to be the first country in the region to buy the Chinese AWACS (Jul 7)
  • Government to improve combat capability of PAF (Jul 8)
  • Three PAF Air Commodores promoted as AVM (Jul 10)
  • Pakistan vows to enhance PAF’s combat capabilities at all costs (Jul 10)
  • India plans to attack Pakistani nuclear installations using Baitullah’s gang (Jul 11)
  • Pakistan Army, PAF start Azam-e-Nau war games (Jul 13)
  • Pakistan Air Force F-16 crashes near Noorpur, Sargodha (Jul 17)
  • PAF FT-7 aircraft crashes near Attock, pilot martyred (Aug 5)
  • Interview: Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, PAF Chief of the Air Staff (Aug 8)
  • Australian Air Chief visits PAF Headquarters (Aug 10)
  • Housing F-16, Amraam missiles at Jacobabad (Aug 10)
  • PAF capable of mid-air refuelling (Aug 10)
  • PAF to complete induction of four Ilyushin Il-78 aircraft by 2010 (Aug 10)
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