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No. 25 Squadron History: 1947-1982

The squadron became operational at the end of August, 1966 with F-6 and U-Mig aircraft on its inventory, and Sqn. Ldr. S. A. Changazi as Officer Commanding. It has remained located at Sargodha base. It moved to Mianwali on 23rd October, 1971 with 18 pilots, but detachment of all the attached pilots to the unit moved back to Sargodha in the middle of November, 1971. When the war started, the squadron was operating from Mianwali and Sargodha. Pilots operating from Mianwali included Wg. Cdr. Syed Saad Akhtar Hatmi, Sqn. Ldr. Muhammad Ahsan, Sqn. Ldr. Aslam Khan Hamayun, Flt. Lt. Choudhry Muhammad Arshad, Flt. Lt. Syed Shahid Raza, Flt. Lt. Nazar Hayat Khan, Flt. Lt. Qazi Javed Ahmed, Flt. Lt. Shahid Javed and Flt. Lt. Imtiaz Ali Khan. Those operating from Sargodha including Wg. Cdr. Imtiaz A. Bhatti, Sqn. Ldr. Muhammad Shafi Dar, Flt. Lt. E. A. Azam, Flt. Lt. M. Ilyas Baig, Flt. Lt. Suleman Nabi, Flt. Lt. Shahid Zulfiqar and Flt. Lt. Zahid Anees. The squadron flew 209 sorties of 180:15 hours during the war.

Part of the squadron which remained at Mianwali carried out the air defence of Sakesar and Murid throughout the war except the last day. Pilots operating from Sargodha flew a total of 31 C.A.S. missions (22:45 hours) and 72 (62:30) CAP/recce/fighter/sweep/escort missions during the 15 days war; two enemy Hunters were destroyed and one damaged. On 17th December, the detachment at Mianwali moved back to Sargodha hoping to get some active flying on the border. However, cease-fire became effective at 1600 hours the same day. Flt. Lt. Shahid Raza was the only war casualty of the squadron. Flt. Lt. Qazi Javed Ahmed was awarded Sitara-i-Jurat. In April, 1975 the squadron was renamed as No. 25 Air Superiority Squadron. On 15th December, 1977 the squadron was presented the the Squadron Colour by Admiral Muhammad Shariff H. J., Chief of the Naval Staff.

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