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No. 26 Squadron - Fighter Leader School History: 1947-1982

The Fighter Leader School was established at Mauripur (Masroor) with Wg. Cdr. N. Latif as its first Officer Commanding to promote advance flying techniques and ensure optimum standards in operational squadrons. This role was modified with the induction of No. 1 Operational Conversion Course on 16th March, 1965, and the school shifted to Peshawar; on 30th August, 1967 it was re-designated as No. 26 Squadron. The squadron took part in the December, 1971 war with Wg. Cdr. S. A. Changazi as its Officer Commanding. Operating from the Peshawar base it flew F-86F, with air defence, strike and close air support as its basic roles. The Indian airfield of Srinagar was struck on December, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16, and Avantipur was attacked on December 3, 15 and 16. The squadron flew 48 sorties against Srinagar and 11 sorties against Avantipur. In the air defence role, it flew a total of 136 sorties comprising mainly CAP duties. Sixty seven sorties were flown in the Chhamb and 49 sorties in the Shakargarh sectors for close air support. A total of 82 incidental sorties were also flown generating a total of 331 operational sorties during the war. Flt. Lt. Salim Baig Mirza claimed one enemy Hunter and one Gnat. Its casualties were Sqn. Ldr. Aslam Chaudhry and Flt. Lt. Fazal Elahi. After a long service, the F-86F was grounded and replaced by F-6 aircraft.

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